Contamination Elimination

Submission for Modern Contractor Solutions By Scott McCurdy Contamination Elimination: Black Water General contractors witness the aftermath of all kinds of severe weather and disasters. Damage sustained from hurricanes, tornados and fires cost billions of dollars in reparation annually. While each type of natural disaster presents its own hazards for work crews, perhaps none create more health and safety challenges than eradicating black water. “Black water contamination usually results from standing water from storm flooding – or in the case of Woodside Apartments in Kissimmee, Fla., – a sewage leak,” explained Scott McCurdy, President of Business Relations for Coastal Reconstruction Group, a Florida-based disaster remediation general contractor and contractor of record for Woodside. The Contamination At Woodside, a total of 55 units experienced water damage from the public sewer, causing more than $1 million of destruction. The apartment community had a category 3, level 3 black water contamination – which is the most severe, and has the highest potential to cause [...]