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How to Prepare for Hurricane Season

When you live in a tropical climate, such as Florida, it can be daunting to prepare for a hurricane or a tropical storm. We know that the Atlantic hurricane season starts on the 1st of June, and lasts through November 30 every year. As stressful as planning for a hurricane can be, here at Coastal Reconstruction Group, we have a few tips to help you take steps to protect your home, family, and business from hurricanes and storms. 1. Get Emergency Supplies Early On  The best thing you can do when it comes to hurricane preparation is to start planning ahead in advance. No one wants to be scrambling around at the last minute when news of a hurricane hits, and there are no emergency supplies left. It’s important to stock your home or business with emergency items such as: Non-perishable food supplies for seven days Plastic cups and paper [...]

Don’t be a Sitting Duck this Hurricane Season …

Prepare for Disasters Now Just six years ago, Hurricane Charley devastated Florida. The storm moved through Central Florida with damaging wind and rain, proving that even inland areas are susceptible to severe weather. This year, experts predict a “very active” season — Weather Services International forecast 18 named storms, with 10 hurricanes. Of those, five are expected to become “major” hurricanes — classified as a Category 3 or higher. Preparing an entire multi-family dwelling for storm season requires serious advanced planning. Taking steps now, like establishing a relationship with an emergency contractor, can help safeguard your community in the wake of severe weather — and get it back to its pre-disaster status as efficiently as possible. Hire a Contractor Now, Before Damage Occurs Quick remediation after damage occurs is necessary to ensure the livelihood of any community or business. Apartment community owners must be prepared to manage displaced residents, handle insurance claims and facilitate repairs as efficiently as possible. For [...]

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An Ounce of Prevention …

An Ounce of Prevention … By taking steps to plan ahead for severe weather, residential property managers can save both owners and renters from unnecessary headaches. By Scott McCurdy It’s official: the Atlantic Hurricane Season is here. This year’s forecast predicts an above average year for hurricane activity with some experts calling for a “very active” season. Weather Services International predicted 18 named storms, with 10 hurricanes. Of those, five are expected to become major hurricanes — classified as a Category 3 or higher. Of course, nothing can be done to stop a hurricane from coming, but property managers can make advanced preparations to ensure quick repairs and help residents meet the challenges brought about by natural disaster damage. Ready to Respond Every property manager should consider a well-thought-out emergency plan as part of his property management duties. Securing valuable resources — such as disaster contractors — before severe weather strikes is an essential part of any natural disaster strategy. [...]

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CR Donation During Covid-19

Took inventory of our PPE for our disaster / remediation division and found enough surplus to donate 500+ n95 masks 😷, gloves 🧤and other materials to one of our #Seniorliving clients here in #Florida that were in desperate need. So grateful we had something to help. Amazing how we take small things like this for granted?! #inthistogether #covid #prayer 🙏🏽

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Hey Mold … Dry Up!

Submission for American School and Hospital Facility DEK: Moisture, and the mold born from it, can cause havoc and make life miserable for facility managers. Here are some tips for getting and staying dry. By Scott McCurdy When it comes to structural integrity, mold is like a wet blanket. It is generally useless and always unwanted. “Over time, mold will break down whatever medium it grows on,” says Matt Brewer, director of field operations for Coastal Reconstruction Group. “Very quickly, it will begin to rot through wood, drywall, and any number of standard building materials. Once this starts, it eventually leads to catastrophic structural failure.” Not to mention that mold can adversely affect your health, Brewer adds. It can exacerbate many respiratory problems and other health issues such as allergies, asthma, sinus congestion, coughing and skin rashes, especially among the young and elderly. So, how do you deal with this insidious building and lung invader? [...]

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Prepare Now and Be Calm After the Storm

By Scott McCurdy Prepare Now and Be Calm After the Storm  The cliché “the calm before the storm” can be applied to many situations – so it’s ironic that most people are anything but “calm” when faced with severe weather. Once hurricanes become a threat, those in harm’s way work themselves into a panic – buying supplies and securing buildings. But, then often overlook one major precaution: forming a plan for remediation in the event damage occurs. Establishing a post-disaster plan is especially critical for owners and managers of apartment communities. When dealing with hundreds of rental units and tenants, repairs must be completed as promptly as possible to decrease both resident displacement and general hazards associated with damage from water and wind. For that reason, disaster preparedness must begin well before the threat is imminent. Hire a Contractor Before the Storm One of the most important preemptive strikes a property manager can make is to establish a relationship with [...]

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